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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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salts map shares a personal view she hopes will share others. >> and a family reunited, rizzo the dog is back home. that's next. ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> this was the story that broke last night in the washington post, that attorney general jeff sessions had met twice with
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russia's ambassador to the united states but told congress he didn't. today, outrage by democrats and concern by republicans on capitol hill led to more trump administration drama. it is thursday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is jeff sessions announcing late today that he will recuse himself from any investigation into the russian interference in this country's presidential election. that means he will have nothing to do with nor receive any information anthony and all investigations. sessions discounted media reports of constant contact with members of the trump campaign and the russians and proclaimed his innocence. >> the idea that i was part of a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between trump surrogate and intermediaries between the russian government is totally false. in retrospect, i should have
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slowed down, but i did meet one russian official a couple of times. that would be the ambassador. >> president trump said today jess sessions is an honest man and didn't do or say anything wrong. he could have stated his response more a accurately but t was clearly unintentional. there is word from a white house official that trump's son jared kushner talked with a russian official with michael flynn described as a courtesy visit. president trump talked up his proposed boost in military spending today onboard the gerald ford aircraft carrier. he has proposed a $54 billion increase and said hopefully it's not power we have to use but if we do, they are in big trowb. the president is welcoming two
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new members to his cabinet. rick perry as the energy secretary and sworn in, ben carson as secretary as housing and urban development confirmation vote 58-41. we have the possibility of snow showers tomorrow. quite a change from a couple of days ago when it felt like may. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board. >> we have a piece of energy rolling out of the ohio valley. if you look at this, this is not an organized system. we are not talking about a big storm. future tracker showing as we head into the afternoon we see scattered snow showers moving in, mixing with rain in parts of south jersey. the good news is, the fact that we were so warm yesterday, temperatures were in the 70s. ground is above freezing. that means there could be a grassy coating in areas, roads
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wet. this is an afternoon event. behind the system we have after blast of cold air as we start the weekend. i'll let you know how cold it will feel in the full forecast. jim? >> residents are back in the living facility after fire forced an evacuation at 6:00. a boiler room fire filled the building with smoke. there was one minor injury. >> a 17-year-old has been arrested for an invasion in east brandywine where a 72-year-old was tied up and left in a closet for day the. christie ileto has more. what is the latest? >> the incident is isolated and not relate today the rash of home invasions in the county. for victims like helen reynolds,
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that means her attacker is still out there. >> it's under this stair kate in a closet that a 17-year-old beat and bound this woman and stuck her in a closet for four days. he reportedly told her, you will be with jesus soon. >> bless her heart, i thought of her ever since i heard about her. >> days before the east brandywine attack, helen reynolds had a similar incident. a man posing as a complex worker forced his way into her home. >> he wrapped it around my head and eye glasses and a piece in my mouth. she had a conversation and talked him out of raping her. i said it's like this. you might as well know the
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truth. i have hiv and my husband died from it which was a lie. when i said that, he walked out of the bedroom. >> did you feel like telling him you had hiv saved your life? >> that's the comment that saved my life. >> there have been a string of home invasions in the county. authorities are exploring whether the other incidents are connected. >> what do you have to say to the man responsible? >> nothing good about him at all. put him in jail and leave the sucker there. >> reynolds doesn't consider herself to be brave. she did what they thought needed to be done. as for the 17-year-old, he faces homicide and other charges. anyone with information about any of the home invasions is asked to call authorities. christie ileto, "action news"
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wphl-17. >> another retail chain is shutting down its doors amid shrinking saleses. hh greg says it's closing 12 locations in the delaware and lehigh valleys, plus a distribution center in philadelphia. across the country the appliances, electronics and furniture seller plans to lay off 1500 workers and close 40% of its stores. they expect to sell off the remaining inventory and close the stores by next month. >> mayor jim kenney is lying out a $4.4 billion budget that doesn't require new taxes. he wants to cut city wage and business taxes. the budget calls for morefirefi. independence mall once again
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today became the site advocating religious tol tolerance. hundreds turned out in the wake of gravestone desecration of bombing threats to jewish day schools across the country. >> i have called on the united states department of justice to investigate these cowardly acts for what they are, hate crimes against the jewish community and against each and every pennsylvanian. >> desecration of jewish cemeteries, synagogues, schools an cultural centers is a desecration of what it means to be an american. >> hundreds gathered in burlington county as well to stand up against recent messages of hate. flyerflyers branded kkk were had
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out last month. >> there is a power in faith. there is the power in people. there is the power in community. >> it's wonderful that people turned out for it. i wish it weren't necessary. >> we should as a nation not tolerate this at all. god has blessed us, is incumbent upon us to stand for what is right. >> in bucks county people joined in protest against racial and religious intolerance this candle light vigil to unite against hate was held on main. >> a dog named rizzo is back with his owners tonight. it was a long journey home. dann cuellar has qiel quite the. >> stacey and stephen bauer
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reunited with their pit bull named ri rizzo. >> rizzo got loose back on the 19th. they handed out flyers to no avail. someone claiming to be the owner turned the dog into the spca saying they no longer wanted it. the spca posted a picture of another successful adoption. >> i thought i would never get him back. >> they contacted "action news" and john rawlins reported on the sad turn of events. shortly after, the spca called the bauers asking them to pick up ri rizzo. >> the man was kind. he saw your news segment and returned rizzo to the spca.
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he said he watched "action news" everyday and couldn't be that person. >> a lot of people wouldn't do that. >> they would have kept him. i want to thank john rawlins and "action news" for helping and the spca for all of their hard work to get him back to us. >> you couldn't ask for a better ending, da dann cuellar, "action news." >> the adopted son of jerry sandusky comes to the jersey shore to give a speech. what he is warning parents about. cecily? >> it's about to get a lot colder. i'll explain in the seven-day forecast. >> brian taff joins us with a message about the "action news" family. >> when it comes to getting answers for our viewer, wendy
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saltzman stops at nothing. a few months ago cancer stopped her in her tracks. what she wants everyone to hear. >> the panthers get a wild card spot. that and more when "action news" continues to bcontinues tonight. ♪ ♪ (vo) love.
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>> several weeks ago investigator reporter wendy saltzman disclosed she has breast cancer. she has heard thousands of voices of support. as she embarks on her next phase to wellness, she wants to talk about her experience so far. she figures it mayhe may help s. brian taff sat down with her. >> she inspired me. this is the wendy saltzman you know, two months ago it was wendy on the receiving end of news she never saw coming. >> when you hear the word
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cancer, it's devastating. >> the word came by a phone call december 22nd after a doctor's appointment she considered routine. >> i think it's what most of us feel. >> even looking past the elephant in the room. in 2015 a mammogram revealed an area of concern in one of wendy's breasts. >> i thought, it's nothing. we live busy lives. i ignored it. >> for a year and a half she ignored it, doing what many would have, the spot that rised the doctor's eyebrow was something else, just not cancer. >> it's amazing the way we think we are super human, thinking, i'm too healthy. >> another doctor urged her to do a follow up, another
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mammogram, another eyebrow raised. >> she compared the films and said i think what we are seeing is growing. >> doctors determined it was cancer. >> i was angry. i was angry at the world. i didn't understand why it happened to me. i spent about a month being sad and just -- gets used to the idea. it's a hard idea to get used to. >> cancer affords no one the luxury of time to grow accustomed to it, wendy then set about seeking answers, coming to the reality that she would need to undergo a double ma mastecto. >> it will be hard not to see me
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anymore but it's the right decision. >> one she arrived at rather easily when faced with alternatives that could have left her with odds of recurrency or slimmer odds to have a family. >> to me what i feel is important to tell women, no matter how healthy you think you are, you need to get checked. now wendy is looking ahead to life after cancer. >> hopefully after that surgery, i'll never have to think about this again. i'll be done. i'll be a survivor and be able to proosh appreciate life more e i know i survived this. >> wendy is now on leave from channel6 as she prepares for the surgery next week and as she recovers from it. it's a testament to her
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character that she wanted women to hear it and heed it. there is no reason not to get checked. >> she's been helping since she came to channel6 and helped again tonight. >> i want to add that she thanks everyone for her mes aims. it lifted her up. >> the adopted son of jerry sandusky held a speech. he said his adoptive father sexual assaulted him. 90% of sexual assault is perpetrated by someone the child knows. jerry sedan dusky was convicted and sentenced to 60 years in prison. >> this is the tenth annual beer, wine and spirit tasting
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event to benefit big brothers and sisters in philadelphia. over the past decade the event has raised $75,000 for the charity. mayor jim kenney took center stage tonight at the 2017 sol lis awards. the awards recognize those that work to improve the quality of life for immigrant communities. >> the seven-day forecast, a lot of wind is gone. >> but it's pulling down cold air. the wind comes back saturday as well. double scan showing we are rain free, snow free although we'll probably see snow showers tomorrow afternoon. tonight, seeing beautiful sun sets, john lloyd junior posted on my facebook page a gorgeous shot over the canal from a drone.
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the sun setting at 5:54. we spring forward not this saturday but next saturday night as we begin daylight savings time. windchill 32 in philadelphia. last night, 60s. allentown, 27, feels like 37 in cape main and poconos, windchill 13-degrees. if you look to the west, you can see snow showers. this is not a powerful system but it will bring in scattered snow showers in the afternoon tomorrow. the morning, sunshine and a light breeze. it's cold, 6:00, 28. through the day, temperatures struggle to hit 40-degrees. winds up to 20 miles per hour. heading into the afternoon, snow showers moving in. future tracker showing around
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1:30, scattered snow showers west of philadelphia. the metro area around 4:00, off the coast by 6:30, not looking like much but could bring a quick grassy coating. temperatures taking a plunge. the jet stream to the south means afternoon highs, 10 to 15-degrees below average. we talk about highs a lot. morning lows are cold. normal low this time of year, 31. friday night into saturday morning, the low in philadelphia 23. saturday night into sunday morning dropping to 18-degrees. find the winter coat and the layers. you need them. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you start with sunshine, a high of 40-degrees. windchills in the 40s. saturday, the coldest day in the seven day period. wind gusting 4 40 miles per hou.
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sunday, 41 and monday, 55-degrees. temperatures take a jump on tuesday, 69-degrees, possibility of showers. wednesday, morning showers, afternoon sunshine, 56 and thursday, sun is back but cooler with a high of 52-degrees. we have been spoiled this winter. we have not had many day in the 30s, so i think sunday will be a shock to the system, especially after yesterday's high in the 70s. >> more than three dozen educators were honored for their service. 42 men and women took home titles including elementary school teacher to have year, bilingual teacher of the year and special education teacher of the year. wired differently. we're
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>> this was a big night for a group of delaware athletes going to the special olympics world games. they received their uniforms. two young men and two young women will represent the state in austria. it's expected to be the largest special olympic games in history. >> philadelphia flyers come up clutch tonight. here's ducis. >> an exciting game. the flyers are setting us up for drama down the stretch. they face the panther's team in the thick of it with them.
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value terry puhla. scores. welcome to philadelphia. game tied at one. steve nathan is on top of his game. 39 shots including this one in regulation. >> now to a shootout. voracek scores, flyers win 2-1, three points back of the final wild card spot. >> i thought i started well, second was tougher. again in the third, i think it was a great chance. >> we could score. like i said in the end it didn't matter. >> dar owe's play improved as of late and people have noticed. he is ee been named rooky of the
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month. >> to the phillies h when aaron knoll arrived he said he was ready to go. the elbow problems were a thing of the past. he had a chance to prove it against toronto. no walks and one strikeout, his first start in seven months, they end in an 8-all tie. >> playing games that matter. itust practice. over all, it felt good. >> still ahead, the birds are on the hunt for a wide receiver and reports are that they are interested in a trade. ♪ ♪ ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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>> the eagles know they need better receivers, draft, free agent or trade, reports say they are considering the latter. brandon cook, the 23-year-old caught 17td passes this season. last year they had four td passes 17-yards or longer. titans are also interested in trading for him. >> high school hoops, check it out, woodbury advances, 64-38. they'll host wild wootd saturday. >> in baseball you get a glove to catch a ball. what do you use to catch a bat? loses his bat, no problem.
11:34 pm
bare handed. so nice we'll show you twice. all of his teammates run for cover. he hangs in there. that's sports. thank you, ducis. finally tonight, a new black history art exhibit on display. the exhibit features work by employees and school district alumni covering a range of media. view it through friday march 10th. jimmy's guest, former president george bush. "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, president george w. bush -- from "making history," adam pally -- and this week in unnecessary censorship. and now, guess what, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. that's very nice. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. we have -- oh, we got a great show for you tonight. the reason for all the extra security. one of the most famous painters in the world is here tonight, president george w. bush is with


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